What Will You Do When You’ve Been Convicted With Driving Under The Influence?

If you’ve been pulled over by the authorities and charged with DUI, your mind is probably racing, filled with panic and concerns. When you’ve been accused of a DUI, there are multiple objectives you should do immediately. These measures will assist you in being prepared to contest your case.

Take Notes On Everything:

Details determine whether a DUI case is won or lost. Regardless of how minor the facts of your DUI stop appear to be, write them down. Do it as soon as possible. Memories fade with time; therefore, you want to write everything down while it’s still fresh in your mind so you can declare with confidence that this is what happened. These are crucial data that may assist you in winning your case.

Make Your Social Media Accounts Private:

Prosecutors frequently do social media searches on suspects. They’re looking for images or remarks you made that might lead to your arrest. When taken out of context, these photographs and words, as they will be if the prosecution obtains them, have the potential to harm your reputation and turn the jury against you, regardless of whether you are guilty or not. Don’t provide them with the ammunition they require to convict you.

Find Your Witnesses:

Make contact with family, colleagues, and even outsiders. Especially if you were seen just before, throughout, or after your DUI arrest, see if they’d be willing to testify in your place in court. It would help if you gathered as many testimonies as possible since they may be accommodating in boosting your defense.

When faced with DUI accusations, the most crucial move you can make is to hire counsel. Examine the lawyer’s experience and education. There is a lot of research and scientific methods involved in DUI cases. Is your attorney educated in that field? Is he a trial attorney or a plea lawyer? Take your time while selecting an attorney. Meet with a few people before making a selection, and be careful to inquire about their qualifications.

If you or a beloved one has been accused of a DUI, you will need the help of a skilled criminal defense lawyer. In this case, the Mitchell S. Sexner & Associates LLC, Criminal Defense team can assist you. Have a word with them to get through this tough phase comfortably.

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